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Coffee labeling in Hawai‘i – the 10% blend

In Hawai‘i, there is a law that regulates the blending and labeling of coffees.  If a company wants to blend a local coffee and name the origin on the package, then the package must contain at least 10% of that named origin and it must be labeled a certain way.  Many people dislike that the …


A fresh cup

Finally, the Coffea Consulting website is getting a long overdue overhaul! The old site was stale, details were out of date, and many of the links were broken. It is now functional, attractive, and current! Coffea Consulting is going through a refreshing moment. There is renewed attention being paid to the business, its offerings, and …


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Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture began supporting the nascent specialty coffee industry in Puerto Rico. I hosted a large delegation of government officials and farmers in Hawai‘i for a week. I offered several seminars and toured them around the Hawaii coffee industry, including visitations to farms and mills. In connection with that visit, I toured Puerto Rico’s coffee industry for a week to assess its status and to offer suggestions for further developing and supporting their specialty coffee industry. The report became the basis of the Department’s plan for the following 5 years.

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