A fresh cup

Finally, the Coffea Consulting website is getting a long overdue overhaul! The old site was stale, details were out of date, and many of the links were broken. It is now functional, attractive, and current!

Coffea Consulting is going through a refreshing moment. There is renewed attention being paid to the business, its offerings, and novel things it is going to try. This blog will highlight some of those new things as they emerge.

Most importantly, though, this blog will host my thoughts on the coffee industry and related things (please forgive the occasional departure from our favorite plant). I began blogging about coffee in 2008 and was active for about 3.5 years. I felt it was a good medium for introducing my thoughts and opinions. I’ve missed that easily accessible, public forum that my old blog offered for the Hawaiian coffee industry. I’m hoping this blog will discover some of that public discourse not just locally, but also internationally as well.

Grab a mug, keep it full, and stay tuned.

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