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Shawn R. Steiman, PhD

I began drinking coffee as a toddler (mostly with milk, says my mother).

I ordered my first cup in a café at age 10 (where the owner insisted I bring in a note of permission from my mother).

Coffee began as a hobby in high school and, in college, it became the subject of all “open” class assignments.

I then moved to Hawai‘i to study coffee professionally. I focused my graduate studies on coffee science (largely, but not solely, horticulture, biochemistry, and sensory science).

After finishing school, my life in coffee really began.

Some highlights of my career:

  • Published 3 general audience books about coffee
  • Published 4 scientific articles on coffee
  • Was co-owner of Daylight Mind Coffee Company
  • Appeared in Korean coffee commercials
  • Have traveled to 11 countries for coffee related business

When necessary, I draw upon the talents and expertise of other people; the world of coffee is too large and complicated for just one person to master.

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Coffee Critics Association

Developed a week-long coffee tasting course for their curriculum. Presented numerous classes, workshops, and seminars on multiple occasions.

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